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new cards, woohoo!

06 Dec 2014
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Woohoo! I made some cards! :D

Everyone can take ONE card from each new deck. Please comment!

And if any of these are duplicates of decks we already have, let me know! I tried to be really careful and compare them to the list of cards that we already have, but for some of these, I really can't believe I didn't have decks yet... so let me know if I've goofed. XD

fresh and clean!

29 Nov 2014
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Hi all, Rahenna the absent owner here! I've just updated the news system so you shouldn't see that annoying PHP error anymore, but if you notice any problems on the site, just comment to let me know!

I don't have anything else to report right now but I think it's time to make some new cards, don't you? Keep your eyes on this page for a new update! :D

Happy winter, I guess! XD

PS: Oh, yeah, I finally added a "pending" type filler card. :p

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