what is this?

This is a tiny, simple Sailor Moon TCG by Rahenna! I missed having lots of puzzle decks in Moonlight Legend, but that game is set up so that it's anime-focused. This TCG has lots of color manga puzzles and a few anime images too. It's kind of the little sister of ML. :3

My favorite thing about owning a TCG is making cards. My least favorite thing is keeping everything updated! I find that I don't particularly enjoy being a member of my own TCGs because I wish I could play normally. So... now I can. Most of the games here are simple automated junk that doesn't need updating. Huzzah!

This is a simple TCG. No stamp cards, member cards, group games, forum, blah. No frills. Play the casual games, get the pretty cards, trade a bit, and just enjoy! ML is such a heavy game, so here's a light one for SM lovers. ♥

how it works

Very simple. I do stuff with this site whenever I feel like it. There's no set updates (except for the automatic games), and cards will be added when the mood strikes. This game is totally casual and just for fun.

can I play?

Sure! Anyone can play if they want. BUT I'm not doing any owner stuff. You're 100% on your own! We're all adults here, or close enough, so everyone's responsible for playing nice and having fun. I'm not enforcing any rules, but play nice, especially if you want to play with others. No cheating, plz.

Head on over to the join form to sign up and get your starter pack!

direct linking

You can direct link all the stuff.
I have more bandwidth than most small countries. Help yourself.

Most pages that give out cards have an easy updater. You can just copy the text from there and paste it into your site and trade log. If there's pages that don't have the updater, it will be added soon. Eventually. When I get to it. XD


If you master a deck, go over to the services page to get your prize. Easy peasy.

level up

Levels are simple - each level is 200 cards. Soooo...
0-200 cards = Level One
201-400 cards = Level Two
... etc.

These are the official Tiny Legend level badges - tiny, of course! Feel free to use them, or make something else for your own use. :3

When you've gained a level, go to the services page to get your prize.