If you have coupons, leveled up, or mastered a deck, here's where to get your goodies. :3 Everything is automated, so just take what you see here. Reload the page to get new rewards if you've mastered more than one deck.

Looking to trade? Check out the Moonlight Legend forum! There's a Tiny Legend trade area there. :3

coupon exchange

Simply fill in this form to receive choice cards for your coupons. :3

 List your choice cards here, separated by commas.
Example: tattoo01, tattoo03, tattoo04

doubles exchange

If you have doubles, swap them out for new cards here. Of course, only take as many doubles as you have, not the entire chunk of stuff. :p Reload if you need more!

doubles exchange: crayon12, kinmoku08, moonkitties08, pearls07, standtall08, talismans02, weareeternal02

level up

It's self-service, kids. If you've leveled up, take your rewards! :D

No, there's no form. Please drop me a comment on the latest update so I can change your level.

level up: dreaming07, holdme01, inners19, mystery06, pillar06, sacrifice08, sweetpea14, 2 choice coupons

These are the official Tiny Legend level badges - tiny, of course! Feel free to use them, or make something else for your own use. :3


Mastered a deck? Grab your goodies!

mastered (deck name): miko02, nude14, ocean01, teamtwo20, 2 choice coupons

Here are some tiny master badges, courtesy of Kearin & Sheva! :3